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Oh, help.

I wanted to upgrade my MediaWiki to 1.6, but since my account doesn't have Shell access, I wanted to simply re-use the installer wizard. I followed the instructions on the MediaWiki page, but even after the installation was successful, I got this error when visiting my MediaWiki index page:

Error in fetchObject(): Table 'seventh_Az01.wf_page' doesn't exist


    * GlobalFunctions.php line 602 calls wfbacktrace()
    * Database.php line 596 calls wfdebugdiebacktrace()
    * Database.php line 1787 calls databasemysql::fetchobject()
    * LinkBatch.php line 76 calls resultwrapper::fetchobject()
    * LinkBatch.php line 55 calls linkbatch::executeinto()
    * Skin.php line 192 calls linkbatch::execute()
    * Skin.php line 171 calls skinmonobook::preloadexistence()
    * SkinTemplate.php line 108 calls skin::initpage()
    * MonoBook.php line 28 calls skintemplate::initpage()
    * SkinTemplate.php line 151 calls skinmonobook::initpage()
    * OutputPage.php line 577 calls skinmonobook::outputpage()
    * OutputPage.php line 794 calls outputpage::output()
    * Database.php line 476 calls outputpage::databaseerror()
    * Database.php line 419 calls databasemysql::reportqueryerror()
    * Database.php line 806 calls databasemysql::query()
    * Database.php line 825 calls databasemysql::select()
    * JobQueue.php line 47 calls databasemysql::selectrow()
    * Wiki.php line 289 calls job::pop()
    * Wiki.php line 247 calls mediawiki::dojobs()
    * index.php line 124 calls mediawiki::finalcleanup()

I went into my phpMyAdmin and also noticed that while it added tables to the correct database, apparently I got the prefix for the tables wrong- I entered "wf" when I was supposed to enter "wf_"

What can I do? Please help!
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