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Wikis, Lexicons and Gaming

Ok, so Zamani the system was designed inside a Wiki, for ease of design info flow and to make it accessible easily to players. 90% of my previous game design efforts have been aimed towards producing written linear documents (PDFs or Printouts). I still gave a partial mechanics handout at the actual first game session, but the Wiki was the main info source for updates, changes etc.

I'm working on a new project in the background, which I've started as a Wiki, but I am unsure whether this is really the way to go.

I've seen a lot of folks use the wiki approach, usually with a pre-game lexicon stage that the players contribute into. I used it less for that, instead having it act as a 'rules comment system' as well as fast update method.

I have seen very few game-via-wiki projects with players on the net that have actually worked out in the long term. The players seem to get distracted, overwhelmed or abandon the wiki end of things along the way, and in about half the cases this kills the games involved (and in the other the lexicon ends and the tabletop takes over with updates ending or becoming scarce).

So, for those of you who have used Wiki/Lexicon approaches to gaming, what has been your overall experiences? Any Complete Successes? Partial Successes? How long have the games run involved from start to finish of player involvement?

Would you recommend this format to others? Did players find it helpful, distracting, annoying or ignorable? Did it enhance the gaming experience?

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