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General use wiki code?

Is there a place that has handy examples of common Wiki Code and tags, such as the [[double square brackets]] used for links, or the single quotes used for italicizing/bolding? I realize the toolbar lets you do many of these things automatically, but there are many things that I'd like to know how to code in my MediaWiki encyclopedia, but I don't really know how. For example, what exactly does the vertical pipe (|) do in links? The Wikipedia entry on it said that it helps categorize entries alphabetically by words that aren't necessarily the title; in entries of names of people, I've come to see this as [[Full name|given name|surname]] but the entry still points to the [[Full Name]] entry, which is correct. But when someone searches for given name or surname, they don't get bumped to the Full Name page directly. Is there a way to do that, using the vertical pipe, or am I misusing it?

Thanks! :)
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