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Hi! I am glad to represent you my site Its idea is to build "wikipedia you can talk to". So instead of writing article everyone can create chat-bots and teach them with answering questions. You can make your favorite characters or virtual experts here. Every chat-bot uses databases of other characters, so even just-made chat-bot can talk well.

English part of site is really poor with content, so I am looking for person, who can lead English community.

Wiki Spot

Because I figured you all might be interested, I wanted to let you folks know about a project that I've been working on called Wiki Spot ( Wiki Spot is a nonprofit, member-supported effort dedicated to helping communities use wikis.

The project grew largely out of our efforts over at Davis Wiki. We're aiming to provide a safe, awesome home and resource to wikis that support their communities.

Anyway, check it out over at! You'll also probably be interested in our about page, which gives some overview and detail on what we're setting out to do and where you can help out.
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Anyone familiar with as a wiki site provider? Known problems, issues, limits etc or links to your wikis on their site so I can determine if they do what I want and can make a quality resuly?
vincent price Wiki Problems

Well I've been working on transferring one of my projects from a Wiki site to a site and have a few observations. The reason for the mitigation is because the cost of pbwiki has gone from affordable ($50 a year for a full featured setup) to expensive (approx $30 a month for pretty much the same features).

I like PBwiki, I'm not in need of a WYSIWYG editor (they've recently added one to all 'levels' of their service) but I do need things that their more minimal options don't offer, such as leveled password control of the wiki (so I decide who can edit it, since I use it for collaborative works) and usage stats. I do wish that they got the PDF save function to work, but at least on their software I can just save the HTML/XML pages from my browsers to have a backup locally for when I'm not onliine (and can do an ok job printing from it). I just can't spend hundreds of dollars on the service.

They also do a lot of tinkering with their site software, which randomly breaks things, or changes how things look. is relatively new (June 2006 startup) and uses a purely WYSIWYG style editor. There is no cost for it, as they are a 'paid by advertising and Angel Money' startup, it looks a bit snazzier and has a few built in features I like (such as built in indexing of the pages of the wiki, something you only get as a third party support option on pbwiki).

The problems I have with wetpaint is you can't back up your data. You can't save what you see in the browser to your hard drive, you can't access the material offline at all. I can print stuff from it to hardcopy, but the printouts look clunky with a 'editing blurb' at the top of each page section you print which makes it look like a partial screen capture instead of a regular print. Additionally I can't adjust the font size when printing, which means that everything gets printed in 12 point text, when for print copy a 10 point font is more efficient (but you need 12 point to see things effectively on screen if you're going to read heavily directly from the site).

There is no PDF copy version or any other copy version. Basically all I can do is Hardcopy or be online to use the wiki, which isn't useful when you are designing something for use half the time without access to the internet. If, like my other wiki project, this turns into some 500 pages of material, carrying around a binder of single sided pages that thick is like carrying around a second notebook computer and nowhere near as useful.

They use propriatory software so there is no offline version, nor do they make a standalone software package you can purchase for offline use.

This leaves me frustrated all around. I really need offline access (no wi-fi in building basemenets or public wi-fi available in 95% of the city where I live in public locations, and no 'one wireless' pay service available in the area). I don't need to write to the wiki offline, but I do need to access the data.

So anyone have suggestions on alternatives to either of these wiki services? (The few standalone only wiki software packages I've seen are ineffective, clumbsy or badly designed... doing things like storing all the data in a single file).

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Wikis, Lexicons and Gaming

Ok, so Zamani the system was designed inside a Wiki, for ease of design info flow and to make it accessible easily to players. 90% of my previous game design efforts have been aimed towards producing written linear documents (PDFs or Printouts). I still gave a partial mechanics handout at the actual first game session, but the Wiki was the main info source for updates, changes etc.

I'm working on a new project in the background, which I've started as a Wiki, but I am unsure whether this is really the way to go.

I've seen a lot of folks use the wiki approach, usually with a pre-game lexicon stage that the players contribute into. I used it less for that, instead having it act as a 'rules comment system' as well as fast update method.

I have seen very few game-via-wiki projects with players on the net that have actually worked out in the long term. The players seem to get distracted, overwhelmed or abandon the wiki end of things along the way, and in about half the cases this kills the games involved (and in the other the lexicon ends and the tabletop takes over with updates ending or becoming scarce).

So, for those of you who have used Wiki/Lexicon approaches to gaming, what has been your overall experiences? Any Complete Successes? Partial Successes? How long have the games run involved from start to finish of player involvement?

Would you recommend this format to others? Did players find it helpful, distracting, annoying or ignorable? Did it enhance the gaming experience?

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I'm not too sure if anyone can/will help me with this, but I'm having a little problem completing my installation of Mediawiki on my friend's website. After I move the Localsettings.php file I get a 404 error on the website. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm able to create the database and completely install Mediawiki, but it's only when I move the page that I get the error. I can't figure it out and I've been at this for days completely deleting and reinstalling only to have the same problem. Anyone out there to help me figure out what's going on with all this? is where the wiki is supposed to be located, but it's a 404 page. (It might actually not be, if I If I delete the localsettings.php from the main directory, I'm able to start over setting it up. Thank you so much.


I also posted this at the support desk at Mediawiki. I honestly don't even know if I worded this in a way that people are able to understand what I'm doing wrong. I'm wondering maybe I can't use a subdomain? Could that be a problem just with how the files redirect themselves? I'm debating trying to just make folders and go that route, but I wanted to see if it was some other stupid thing I was doing wrong that was causing this problem. Ramble ramble. Thank you so much for anyone who offers any sort of help. I really appreciate it.
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Fear Of Wiki???

So, I seem to have encountered an unsual reaction to the wiki with some players, a fear to change things (or even use the comment option) on my wiki.

My wiki ( is used for my gaming group, though a few friends and acquainteces also are involved supposedly in the project. But folks seem to be avoiding changing it, afraid they 'might break something'.

Anyone else see this problem with thier wikis?

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Hey so if I have a MediaWiki set up on my web space, how hard is it to 1. move the entire wiki to a different web space and 2. copy the entire wiki to a local version to be installed on my OS X powerbook?
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For some reason, on pages that I search for that do not exist (that I want to create), I get this message when I search for them:
You can < a href=":FAQ" class="new" >create an article with this title< /a > Please search Wikipedia before creating an article to avoid duplicating an existing one, which may have a different name or spelling.

The spaces that I included above are not in the actual message, so I don't see why that HTML tag would not be working.

Second, why does it say "search WikiPEDIA?" when this is my Wiki? This happens when I'm logged into my SysOp account. I did add a line to my LocalSettings.php from the MediaWiki documentation, to prevent page edits when users are not logged in, but I don't know why those errors would be occurring out of the blue like that.
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